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How to Build Diverse Teams With the Power of Global Mobility

Sponsor(s):  Topia

Global mobility is a powerful tool for attracting and engaging top talent. It’s also highly effective for increasing diverse teams, where different perspectives can spark off-the-charts innovation. Join TalentCulture CEO and Founder Meghan M. Biro and Peggy Smith, CEO and President of Worldwide ERC®, for this deep dive into a trend every company should be a part of. In today’s world of work, global mobility benefits your employees, supports diversity, and enables employers to grow the vibrant teams and engaged work cultures that keep organizations competitive. We’ll talk about best practices and how to build and manage global mobility. Companies that offer quality global mobility management are winning great talent, and building great, more diverse workforces. 

In this interactive and fast-moving webinar, you will learn:

  • Why diversity and inclusion drive innovation.
  • Why global mobility is on the rise.
  • How to provide great global mobility experiences that support diversity, inclusion, and engagement.
  • Why most employees view global mobility as a growth opportunity.
  • How to support workforces across different cultures and geographies, and stay aligned with business goals.
  • How to choose the best tools for managing global mobility and increasing diversity.
  • How to tackle the legal and compliance aspects of global mobility.

CE Credit (fees may apply):  CRP-INTL GMS
Focus:  Global U.S. Domestic

The Speakers


Meghan Biro


Client Success

Katrina Busselle


President and Chief Executive Officer

Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T

Worldwide ERC®